[Opinion] New season of ‘Cobra Kai’ aired Sept. 9


Dylan Leszka, Reporter

The Netflix series “Cobra Kai” is a sequel to the original “Karate Kid” movies produced in the 1980s.

“When we conceived it, we conceived it as a Netflix show,” co-creator Jon Hurwitz said. “‘Stranger Things’ had just come out. We knew that there was a desire for nostalgia.”

Season 1
In season 1, 30 years have passed after the fateful karate tournament that saw Daniel LaRusso claimed as the winner. He had a successful karate venture that allowed him to launch a successful dealership chain. He had that high kick that defeated Lawrence in the tournament.

Season 2
In season 2, Johnny Lawrence confronts his old sensei, and Kreese eventually admits that he’s been living at a homeless shelter. He’s only good at teaching kids karate, and he believes that he’s ready to get Cobra Kai set up.

Season 3
At the end of this season there is a fight against Miguel and Robbie. It has physical repercussions, even Sam and Tory’s fight leads to trauma. During the fight between Miguel and Robbie, Miguel slips and falls to the ground on the second floor of the school and goes to the hospital.

Season 4
While training for the All-Valley Karate Tournament, Cobra Kai gains a new student, a middle school student named Kenny. Kenny is a boy who was bullied by Daniel LaRusso’s son, Anthony. Kenny has had enough and starts talking to John Kreese and asks Kreese to train him how to defend himself and beat up Anthony.

Predictions for Season 5
In season 5, I predict that Silver is going to harm or hurt Daniel in some way. Daniel and Mrs. Larusso are going to fight. Silver is going to manipulate Cobra Kai so they go against Daniel’s and Johnny’s team. Daniel’s team is going to defeat Silver.