Another Michael Myers’ movie ‘Halloween Ends’ releases Oct. 14

Unairah Kennedy, Reporter

Another Michael Myers’ movie, “Halloween Ends,” releases in theaters on Oct. 14, just ahead of the spooky holiday and will also be streaming on Peacock.

Here it ends, supposedly. Michael Myers’ story finally comes to an end, and he is possibly de-masked. After a long legacy, 12 films and five different timelines; after 44 years, starting in 1987, it all ends–maybe.

Michael Myers’ story was always known to be a slasher favorite. Along with many others, this is a wonderful classic that has stuck with us.

In explanation of what and who the main character is, Michael Myers started his murdering spree as a boy by killing his sister. Now, the main storyline in the most recent movies is basically him going in and out of prison or insane asylums and then repeatedly dying.

Some students don’t exactly seem to like the movies, and they’re surprisingly horror fanatics. They thought the newer movies weren’t like the old ones, throwing off the lore completely. Of course, that’s understandable because of how many timelines there are, but viewers sort of need to base it off that. Low and behold, they do believe that Michael’s sister and anyone in his bloodline should die to end this supposed curse on him.

Some students aren’t fond of some of Michael Myers’ movies.

“I can’t stand the new Halloween movie,” sophomore Saul Greatmon said. “They kill him off all the time. It isn’t new news. Bad movie.”

Here is an interview with the star herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, the actress who plays Lori, the woman Michael has been stalking for over 40 years and who’s finally trying to end his legacy.