Juice WRLD continues to release music after death


Wikimedia Commons

Josue Arizpe, Reporter

Famous rapper and legend Juice WRLD died in 2019, but his music continues to be published. There have been two albums and nine singles that have been released ever since his death. He has over 2,000 unreleased songs from when he was alive, which is how DJ Khaled collaborated with him on his album “GOD DID.”

Word has it that a good friend of Juice WRLD’s, Lil Bibby, released the past two albums: “Fighting Demons” and “Legends Never Die.”

However, releasing over 2,000 songs may not be as easy as it seems.
“I will try my best, but I am human and I have feelings,” Lil Bibby said. “This is not an easy job. [People] making crazy allegations and saying hurtful things. I want to put out music because I know that’s what Juice wanted and I know the fans want it. But I sometimes want to quit.”
So far, Lil Bibby has been very consistent and fans can see this with his new song in collaboration with Marshmello titled “Bye Bye,” which releases Oct. 14. This song will be one of the many singles that have been released since Juice’s unfortunate passing, showing consistency in Lil Bibby’s commitment.
And with this consistency, fans can only assume that there will be many more to come.