Student Spotlight: Gavin Stopinski


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Dylan Leszka, Reporter

Gavin Stopinski loves the sport Soccer, he trains everyday to try to get better at the sport, he also loves to do other fun stuff too.

Sophomore Gavin Stopiniski has lived in Melissa for eight years and has been playing soccer for 12 years. He started off getting to know more about soccer, so for the past years, Gavin has been training hard so that he can get to the varsity level. Gavin has three sisters that used to play soccer.

When Gavin went to one of his sister’s games, he got interested in soccer by watching his sisters play. Not only that, Gavin also got his interest when he saw this really good soccer player named Erling Haaland.

Ever since, he has been trying to become just like his favorite player.
Gavins feelings for soccer makes him say, “soccer is fun and makes me happy because I can communicate with my teammates and spend alot of time with my soccer mates.”

This year Gavin finally got moved up to Varsity soccer team, he is really proud that his success as a player brang him this far. He comes in everyday with positive thoughts and a positive attitude, to work hard, and think that he is the best player on the team.

Today, Gavin is training everyday until his career is over and moving on to another life he’s willing to achieve. He also still wants to improve so he can go to college or even the professional level. Gavin has a lot of passion for soccer, he has a bright future coming.

Not only is soccer Gavins only passion, he also loves to play video games. His favorite video game he likes to play is Modern Warfare 2, Gavin believes he could go pro and become the best player in the world.

“I believe I can be the best player in the world if I continue to keep playing and improving.” Gavin Stopiniski