Student Spotlight: Dallas Shane

Jayden Cruz, Reporter

One of the best things about learning about new people is figuring out what they are like. Freshman Dallas Shane, who is 14-years-old, is an interesting person, who loves to mess around and have fun with his friends but like when a test comes up, he’ll study until he passes.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Melissa?
“The school because my friends here are funny and care for each other.”
Q: What’s your favorite class?
“BIM class because it’s really easy and when we’re done, we get free time.”
Q: Favorite sport?
Basketball because when I get out onto the court, it gets absolutely goofy with the ball.”
Q: Favorite subject?
“Science cause the teacher’s too chill and the class is easy, as well, but I also got some friends in there.”
Q: Favorite artist or songwriter?
“Freddy Dredd because his songs hit hard. Also my favorite ones are ‘Limbo,’ ‘All Alone,’ ‘Opaul,’ and ‘GTG.’”
Q: Favorite game to play?
Overwatch 2 is very good because I grind the juice straight out of this game and spend all my days inside instead of touching grass, and I only play comp because casual is too easy.”
Q: If you had to choose one place to go, where would you go?
“I would visit maybe somewhere in Europe or maybe somewhere in the US because there’s a lot of cool stuff in those countries and states like foods, entertainment, and sites to view.”
Q: If you had to choose Chick-Fil-A or Cane’s, which would it be? “Cane’s because their chicken hits way harder than Chick-Fil-A. But sauce? I don’t know, man, the sauce is a win-win either way.”
Q: What would be your dream car?
“I would like to have a Nissan GT-R because it’s a sports car and they go up to 195 mph. When you’ve got a championship-winning GT3 race car in your stable, the changes come at competition speed.”
Dallas has a sense of humor and jokes around with everyone and doesn’t care because that’s quality time when it comes to messing around. Then, when it comes to serious moments, he’s really focused and not listening to distractions.