[Review] ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 leaves fans with mixed opinions



Chloe Walton and Abbie Chaloupka


“Outer Banks” fans were ecstatic about the arrival of season 3, which was released on Netflix on Feb. 23. This new season came about 19 months after the release of season 2. This season has mixed opinions among fans about the characters and the plot. The show’s writers introduced many new themes and relationships within the Pogues and Kooks.

Just like seasons 1 and 2, this season follows the Pogues, and they continue to search for a new and more enormous treasure. This time they team up with John B’s dad, Big John, to find the city of gold, El Dorado. Castaway Cleo from the end of last season also tags along with them to search for the treasure. Finally, the Pogues come out on top and actually get the treasure, which was a relief for the fans.

There were many romantic advancements within the plot of season 3, including Kiara and JJ finally finding their love for each other. Pope and Cleo get rid of the “No Love Club.” Sarah and John B struggle with their relationship after Sarah tells John B that she cheated on him with Topper. Ultimately, they seem like they are together, but it’s not really clear. Overall, near the end of the season, it seems like there are three groups within the Pogues–Kiara and JJ, Pope and Cleo, and Sarah and John B. These relationships are very different from the dynamic at the beginning of season 1, which brings along controversy.

Despite the many debates among fans, there is one thing everyone can agree on; Big John is the worst. He is focused on the gold instead of his relationship with his son. It even seems like he is willing to let John B get shot to find the treasure. In the first few episodes, he is made out to be an ally to the Pogues, but he is quickly revealed as a hindrance that damages their friendship. Big John tells John B he cannot involve his friends or even Sarah in the quest, even though they have helped John B find two treasures before the city’s old gold. This separates the Pogues and causes his tussle with Sarah.

The main antagonist this season is Carlos Singh. He is a treasure hunter with deep family ties related to El Dorado and the gold. It is revealed later that his ancestors were held captive after being a part of the expedition to find El Dorado as indentured servants. Right when fans think something good is about to happen, Singh and his men always show up and cause issues for the Pogues.

“Outer Banks” has many moments that fans cannot agree on, but overall it seems that season 3 is a success, rising to number one on Netflix in less than 24 hours. Fans are already anticipating the release of season 4, which was already renewed prior to the release of this season.