[Editorial] Legislators should vote to ban social media app TikTok



Whitney Ackerman, Reporter

Recently, Congress has been considering banning TikTok nationwide because of its Chinese ownership with the claim that the app is a threat to our national security. Now people are asking, should TikTok be banned?

TikTok should be banned because it is such a screen time addiction, which makes others not want it banned, most likely because it will cause negative effects and they won’t have anything to do with it anymore.

TikTok can be very harmful to a lot of viewers. The app can connect users to bullies and strangers, which could be very dangerous for teens and children.

Another reason why TikTok should be banned is because the FBI believes that the Chinese government uses the app to spy on Americans. TikTok is known to have a long history of tracking its users’ online behavior without their consent.

While TikTok does have some benefits such as enhancing brand identity and increasing brand awareness, the threat to national security far outweighs these few benefits. Other apps can also help promote products.

Some argue that viewers can learn a lot of new information on the app by watching videos, but YouTube is still a popular video sharing app, too, and a safer one as it has been around for many years.

Congress should ban TikTok in the United States because the app is not safe for teenagers or anyone in general. If the app gets permanently banned, there will most likely be a new app created similar to TikTok but one in which the Chinese Government won’t be tracking Americans anymore.