[Editorial] Schools should implement 4-day weeks


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Sophia Alvarez, Reporter

Recently, many schools have decided to implement a four-day week starting next school year. Whether or not to execute this decision has been heavily debated across many campuses.
Districts should have four-day school weeks.

Shorter instructional weeks would give students time for a mental break and time to catch up on homework. The added day onto the weekend would not only allow students to have more headspace and catch up on work, but it would give them the opportunity to actually have a physical break, or just have a free day off. The K12 website says that stronger mental health for students means they can learn better and be more likely to realize the full potential of their abilities.

Furthermore, teachers would be able to have more training and more breaks as well. Four-day school weeks would allow them an extra day for themselves and would also allow them more headspace. In order to have a safe and reliable learning environment for students, teachers should be provided just as much rest as students.

In addition, shorter weeks would also allow the school to save money on electrical costs. They would not have to have the lights on as much or run the air conditioning and heat as often. The extra day off would cut transportation costs, as well, since buses would not be operating five days a week.

Although some argue that students’ grades may drop as they will lose a day of instruction each week, students are frequently offered tutoring, or are even allowed to stay after school hours for additional help. Having extra time for a “brain break” from school will only improve students’ grades rather than lower them, and schools will still provide the same mandatory amount of minutes of instruction by slightly lengthening the four school days each week.

Districts should implement four-day school weeks. The decision is beneficial for students and teachers.