[Editorial] TikTok should be banned in US


Photo from PLANN

Kaitlin Hardin, Reporter

A recent topic in the U.S. Congress has been contemplating banning TikTok because it is Chinese owned. Some think Congress should ban TikTok because it is not worth the security risk, but others think not.

TikTok should be banned because whether they truly are or are not using it for spying purposes, it is not a logical risk for us to take.

China could be using it for spying and unless we want to be in the sticky and unfortunate spot where China knows us and our defense tactics, then it should be banned until we have a definite answer. We would have a losing battle on our hands if they truly are using it for bad purposes.

TikTok is a fun app but considering everything that has been said about it why is this even something we are considering? Immediate action should be taken, and that is the ban.

The other side is saying that even if they are spying, it’s unlikely the information is usable, and since it’s off government phones and some university networks, nothing crucial can be taken. They also say that this is how some people earn most of their money, but if their safety relies on them getting a different job, then there’s really no argument.

Now we aren’t saying that we must lock down the U.S. and not have any apps on our phones not owned by a secure government-approved company, but given our history with China and the recent spy balloon stunt, it would be much wiser not to take the chance.

The smartest thing for the U.S government to do is to ban TikTok on all phones. There’s no point in arguing over a smartphone app that millions are addicted to anyways. They need to put the phones down and get plugged back into life.