[ Editorial] Schools should move to 4-day weeks


geralt - Pixabay

Dylan Leszka, Reporter

Recently, many school districts in North Texas and even nationwide have been adopting a four-day school week for the upcoming school year.

All schools should adjust their calendars and embrace the 4-day week.

With the growing problem of teacher shortages, schools are getting creative in finding ways to entice teachers to enter and stay in the profession.

By only having to instruct students four days a week, teachers will be able to have a full day off so they can get grades checked without distractions. Also, it gives teachers more planning time for their lessons as well as for teacher recruitment and retainment. They would also have time to network with other teachers.

Giving students an extra day off improves learning because it gives them both a mental and physical break from school. With more rest and sleep, students will be able to focus better and actually learn more. Both grades and attendance will improve with the shorter weeks.

This is why schools should go to a 4-day week of work–to let teachers and students have greater flexibility and improved morale.