[Editorial] Schools should adopt 4-day weeks


Legacy Yearbook Staff

Kimora Castleberry, Reporter

Recently, multiple schools in the Texas Region have been adopting the 4-day school week. The short week is the direction to go due to its flexability. An because of this, about 40 Texas districts have made this change

Since the topic of a 4-day school week has come into conversation, students, teachers, and parents all have different opinions. Based on research the short 4-day week is the best idea for school districts. Many that are down for the change argue it is more flexible. Teachers have stated that going to this short school week schedule is better for their work and homelife balance.

During this time, nationwide, there is also a shortage in teachers. Making this change will appeal to more educators, positively affecting the school systems and making teachers’ jobs that much easier.

Making this change would make each school day slightly longer, but it would give students a 3-day weekend every week, which students seem to like. Because of this idea appealing to students, this would most likely increase attendance. Kids would now have a reasonable work week in their opinion.

However good as this may sound, schools can experience a drop in student achievement. But studies from researchers from Oregon State University and Rand Corp. show this is a short term disadvantage of the 4-day school week. After students and teachers get familiar with this switch, things should be back to normal.

Overall, making the change to a shorter school week provides more flexibility and will improve attendance. The shorter week might be the way schools have to go as it seems to be appealing for both staff and students.