[Editorials] Schools should shift to 4-day weeks



Deacon Ashley, Reporter

Recently, school boards across Texas have been thinking about changing the school day from 5-day weeks to 4-day weeks. A number of school districts have already adopted the change and plan to implement it next school year. Parents and some students, however, don’t think it will be a great choice.

It would not be a great idea to do 4-day weeks because students won’t pay attention to school as much as they do now. Since students won’t be at school as many days, they will forget everything they learn. The current school days are already long enough and make students tired by the time they get home. With 4-day school weeks, the days will have to be even longer to still meet the required number of instructional minutes. This could make students so exhausted that they may not eat or talk to their parents or guardians because they will just go to bed, which means they won’t do their homework.

With the growing problem of a shortage of teachers, schools are trying to be creative and think of new ways to attract teachers and keep them, but shorter weeks is not the solution. It is not in the best interest of the students.

There are both good reasons and bad reasons for 4-day weeks, but, overall, it is not a good idea. Schools should stick to the traditional 5-day weeks.