Teacher Spotlight: Megan Moore

Hudson Ross, Reporter

Megan Moore is one of three theatre directors at the high school. She has had a major impact on not only the program but many of the students she has taught.

Moore has a total of six UIL One Act Play state medals throughout her career as both an actor and a director. She won gold as a student in 2002 and 2005. Moore graduated from Van High School in 2005. She then attended Tyler Junior College from 2005-2007 before transferring to Baylor University in 2007. She graduated from Baylor in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Theatre Performance.

“Growing up I used to watch movie-musicals with my grandmother, that was the first thing that peaked my interest in theatre,” Moore said.

Although she was entertained by musicals, Moore’s theatrical journey didn’t truly start until her freshman year of high school.

“In middle school I took a theatre class, which was kind of a challenging experience for me and I didnt think I wanted to continue in high school,” Moore said. “I tried another elective class but quickly realized it wasn’t for me. My dad, who was a teacher at my high school, was talking about me to a few other teachers and told them I was looking for something to get involved in. Our new theatre teacher Mr. Wisdom, was in the teachers lounge and told my dad to put me in a theatre class. I didn’t really end up having a choice but it is 100% the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Mr. Wisdom taught me so much. He is the entire reason I do what I do, he changed my life. Coming to school every day and seeing how passionate he was about theatre made me so excited for the shows.”