Mojang releases new game ‘Minecraft Legends’ April 18



Jayden Cruz, Reporter

Mojang is releasing another game called ‘Minecraft Legends’ on April 18, which will be able to be played across all devices like the Xbox, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and phone.
Minecraft Legends takes place in the Minecraft universe during an invasion by the piglins from the Nether. As the Nether spreads its corruption across the Overworld, a great hero brings its banner to save the Overworld and bring together its mobs to help defend their home.

Minecraft Legends began development in 2018. It was developed by series creators Mojang Studios in collaboration with Blackbird Interactive, a team founded by former Relic Entertainment employees, who are best known for developing the real-time strategy video game series Homeworld.

Minecraft Legends is going to be multiplayer co-op explained and full of places to explore, build basses, and gain tribes. Also Minecraft Legends is a mix of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeon because when players generate a world, it will be different from the next one and so on. There also seems to be a bit of crafting involved with the player watching as a structure is slowly built in front of them.

It’s unclear how much crafting and building will play a role in the game, but strategic combat and large scale encounters seem to be the main attraction.

This game is full of action to await the eyes of children who can now preorder Minecraft Legends at the official site for their platform of choice. The Standard edition will cost $40, while the Deluxe Edition brings the total up to $50. Also, gamers can follow their Twitter for updates, any patches/bug fixes and more.