Shang-Chi sets record for biggest blockbuster of 2021


Rozleyn Brown, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Marvel Phase 4 launched in theaters on Sept. 3 with the release of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” This movie has become the biggest blockbuster so far in the U.S. in 2021. 

The movie referenced many previous Marvel stories through the various characters seen throughout, such as Extremis Soldiers, a Black Widow released from the Red Room, Trevor Slattery, Abomination, Wong, and many more.

“The Marvel ‘Easter eggs’ were purely comedy, which is what I love in the movies,” junior Flida Etchouekang said. “While they are in serious situations, it never fails to make you laugh.”

The movie portrayed Kung Fu fighting in a way that made many in the theaters jump. Kung Fu is an amusing way of fighting, but when added in with lots of color and perspectives, it makes for an intense experience.

“The Kung Fu added to the authenticity of Chinese Culture,” Etchouekang said. “It shows how much time and effort the actors put in to show their passion for such a difficult martial art.”

Many would agree that the actors portrayed the story of Shang-Chi in a way that makes the viewer genuinely go in-depth with the characters and their experiences.

“You could tell by the acting that this is something they wanted to show means a lot to them,” Etchouekang said. “Everyone had a different role, and even supporting characters made lasting impacts on me as a viewer.”

Overall, the movie gave fans a different perspective on Marvel movies and the way viewers interact with them.

“I loved Shang-Chi,” Etchouekang said. “It is definitely my top three favorite Marvel movies. I loved the Asian representation, the martial arts, and the hints of comedy that had the whole theatre laughing.”

Shang-Chi has been a great success; many fans are pleased by the actors’ intense motivation and hard work put into the movie. Many fans have also expressed that with the release of Shang-Chi, they are excited to see what’s next from Marvel.