Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II to release soon



A new cave type coming in the Minecraft cave update, these caves are 3 times larger than caves used to be.

Lennon Matthews, Reporter

Minecraft, the world’s most popular video game, is scheduled for a new update this November or December. The update will bring immense changes to the world generation, adding huge mountains and massive caves.

The update, which was originally set to release in summer, was split in two because it’s the most difficult update ever, bringing the highest variety of items and features in any update.

“The decision to release Caves & Cliffs in two parts is the result of taking on our most ambitious update to date while our team also continues to navigate the challenges of working remotely,” the Minecraft team said.

During Minecraft Live on October 16, the Minecraft team announced that the new generation is nearing completion and will likely release during the holiday season of 2021. The vote to update the mountain biome was cast back in October of 2019, but unforeseen circumstances got in the way of development, compounded by the amount of new features planned in this update. Now, players will finally be able to experience the features they’ve waited for for two years, such as powdered snow, huge mountains, deep caves, and higher build heights.

Minecraft players have been waiting for this update for so long, and now that it’s almost here, players will finally be able to climb to new heights.