Melissa continues to grow rapidly


Miranda Sirota, Editor-in-Chief

Over the past few years, Melissa has been developing at an increasingly rapid pace. Land that was once occupied by corn fields and farm animals such as cows, horses, and donkeys, has been replaced with new neighborhoods, fast food restaurants, and shopping centers that seem to be sprouting up from the ground left and right.

The population has more than doubled in the span of 10 years, which added to the need for new developments in the town. In 2010, Melissa sat at a population of around 4,800 residents. Flash forward to 2021, they now have a population of about 16,137.

The new shopping center located along Highway 121, Melissa Village, already features restaurants such as Braum’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Wing Stop, Golden Chick, Jersey Mike’s, and Sunview Cafe.

Outside of the Village, one can find the newest gas station in the area, Buc-ee’s, along with more retail units that will feature even more food stops and shops.

In addition to new businesses, one new housing subdivision after another is popping up in Melissa, as well.

Though it hasn’t been long since construction started, the community has grown extensively and is still continuing to expand in all ways possible. Residents have begun to accept suburban life, leaving behind the small town charm Melissa once possessed.