Varsity production attempts to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes


Melissa Theatre

Rozleyn Brown, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, Nov. 2 and Tuesday, Nov. 3, the students in varsity production performed their play “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.” During lunch on Monday and Tuesday, these students attempted to do 30 mini-plays in 60 minutes. However, the students only performed 10 plays in 20 minutes during these days because of the lack of time. Tuesday afternoon, they performed the full version. Each performer received four tickets to give out to any one of their choosing since seating was limited.

Here are the 10 plays the students performed on Tuesday:

  • “Manifest Destiny”
  • “What I assume people think when I tell them I’m a performance artist”
  • “Give and Take”
  • “Macbeth”
  • “Three-year-old interview”
  • “Fool Hearty”
  • “Flammable Pants”
  • “Genre Play #6 Horror”
  • “What it sounds like when five ordinary people push five ordinary objects from one side of the stage to the other and then hit them three times any way they wish”
  • “Real Famous Last Words”

These students were not only in a time crunch but also had no idea what order they were going in because it’s all audience chosen, and they had different plays on both days. The audience participated from beginning to end. When students walked in, they scanned a code and were given a “menu” of performances being played. The students were then instructed to walk to a cast member who gave them a name tag. Although they wore name tags, they were not the students’ names. The cast had pre-written names on the tags that were meant to make students laugh. The audience had a chance to be a part of the show by answering questions and even had chances to win a fake dollar bill if they showed their belly button, barked like a dog, or gave a kiss on the cheek as a few examples.

The cast consisted of the following: Will Barton, Macayla Brown, Audrey Coulombe, Brooke Dillashaw, Maisy Gustaveson, Halle Heywood, Logan Lowery, Mattie McGrady, Nathan Rose, Stella Rose, Hudson Ross, Haley Schmidt, Jackson Thomas, Bailey Thornburg, Riley Thornburg, Emerson Trevino, Meagan Tubbs, Mariah Vanegas, Lillie Walker, Kyah Wells, Riley Woods, and Makenna Worsham-Bowen.

The crew consisted of directors: Molly Kennedy, Megan Moore, Kyle Brenner; stage manager/sound: Emma Stern; and crew: Sydney Enoch, Ella Nye, and Alana Walukiewicz.