Melissa Theatre selects ‘The Lost Boy’ for district one act play

Alana Walukiewicz, Reporter

With the new year, the new One Act Play season begins again. Theatre directors Megan Moore, Kyle Brenner, and new arrival Molly Kennedy have chosen the play “The Lost Boy.” In 40 minutes, the audience will take a journey to Neverland and watch the writing of the famous childhood story.

With senior Logan Lowery playing the part of Barrie, the writer of “Peter Pan,” he takes us through the process and reasoning for creating the world of Neverland. Following the death of his brother, Barrie made the realization he “will always be 13-years-old,” inspiring the concept of the boy who would never grow up.

Senior Audrey Coulombe has been cast as Daevy, Barrie’s brother, and the inspiration for Peter Pan, who Coulombe also plays.

Barrie’s mother, played by junior Makenna Worsham-Bowen, is the complicated traumatic relationship in Barrie’s life, causing passion and empathy for the character throughout the story.

The audience meets “The Old Crow” played by senior Will Barton, the guardian bird who watches over and raises Peter when first arriving to the island by Neverland. His character will pull at heartstrings and the audience will feel the true bonds Peter has with him throughout the story.

Finally, there is Maureen, Barrie’s sudden love interest who tells him the story. This relationship will be explored throughout the 40 minutes of this tale, proving true love can be a complicated fixation.

This play introduces new characters and portrays familiar ones from the well-known story of Peter Pan. Junior Maisy Gustaveston takes on the role of Tinkerbelle, Peter Pan’s witty and trusting fairy friend who helps him through the adventure of Neverland. Along with the mystical plot and design, there will be an ensemble of mermaids, pirates, and lost boys.

The opportunities to see the theatre company perform this play are limited, but the district competition will be March 5 on their home campus as Melissa High School is hosting the district contest, so watch for more information to follow closer to March.