[ Editorial] Schools should shift to 4-day weeks



Free classroom in school image, public domain CC0 photo.

Morgan Newton, Reporter

Recently. many school districts nationwide are trying to decide if they want to implement the idea of a 4-day school week calendar. With the growing shortage of teachers and staff, schools are attempting to find a way to help them stay and encourage more to come into the teaching field.

Schools nationwide should shift to this new idea of a 4-day week. This will help employment, money, happiness, heath, and many other areas.

If all schools were to switch to a 4-day schedule, it would give more time for the teachers to plan and be more relaxed. This could help teachers want to stay in the education field and even increase employment, which would also help reduce stress because there would be fewer kids in a class.

This would also help with money because there would be one less day of food that has to be provided and less gas money because the buses would run one less day. Furthermore, attendance will improve because kids will want to be at school for those few days. Schools will earn money for all the kids present, and one less day might also cause less sickness, which means less money spent by parents on healthcare.

Some argue that there is more time to learn with a 5-day week and more time to get work done, and the school days are shorter. However, going to school five days every week causes emotional drain on teachers and students. This is a main cause of students skipping and teachers wanting to quit.

Schools should implement a 4-day school week because attendance will improve, finances will increase, and there will be a rise of happiness and good health. This will have an overall positive effect on the school system and the overall environment of schools.