[Review] New coffee shop ‘George’s Coffee’ launches with great success

Slowly sipping my piping-hot coffee, I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the small coffee shop. “George’s Coffee @121” recently opened to significant success. Their friendly staff, delicious drinks, and affordable price lead the shop to become quickly well-loved. “[It’s a] pretty chill and very nice environment,” employee Mikayla said upon being asked what she thought of working there.

Coleman Hicks, Reporter

On Sept. 6, 2021, Joff Bentley opened a new coffee shop on Highway 121. The name of this quaint establishment is “George’s Coffee @ 121.” The name of the shop comes from Joff’s father-in-law, as well as his son who was named after him.

The coffee shop has a wide variety of drinks as well as pastries. Already, customers are ecstatic about the great selection of well-made drinks and affordable prices. Not only is there a large selection, but the drinks that exist are very well made, and the coffee inside the frozen drinks is much more noticeable, while not tasting bitter.

The staff is very friendly and were very excited to talk about the shop and its future. According to a staff member named Solomon, they are looking to extend their hours past 4:00 p.m, but they first need more staff in order to stay open at that time.

When the employees were asked how they felt about the job, they all responded positively.

“[It’s a] pretty chill and very nice environment,” employee Mikayla said upon being asked how she enjoyed working there.

Personally, I found their caramel related drinks to be the greatest out of their catalogue; however, the staff each had their own opinions. Solomon declared that the “Honey Cappuccino” was his favorite drink while Mikayla greatly favored the “Caffe Latte with Coconut.”

With a friendly staff, some delicious drinks, and amazing prices, George’s Coffee is a coffee shop great enough to become my new regular stop, and a place that I could not recommend highly enough. Make sure to stop by whenever you have a free day on the weekend!