‘Curtains’ Review

Melissa Theatre marvels crowd with murder mystery


Brianne Finnell

Elliana Carter, Reporter

CURTAINS is the show recently put on by the Melissa Theatre Department and those lucky enough to have seen it know how incredible it was. CURTAINS is a murder mystery show that leaves audience members entertained and on the edge of their seats the whole time.

The show follows a musical company in Boston. Minutes after the opening night of their new show, the lead actress dies. When a lieutenant comes in to investigate, what seems to be a tragic death soon

During “Curtains”, Melissa Theatre acts out the tragic death scene of the company’s lead actress.

becomes something more sinister – murder.

We watch as the musical company tries to find the killer while locked down together. This includes several dramatic retellings of events and colorful and elaborate dance numbers. In parts like this, the audience can particularly see how hard the cast worked to prepare. Some of the routines involved the whole cast, and watching them swirl around the stage, each step practiced and perfect, caused the final product to be incredible.

This was the first performance I’d seen from Melissa Theatre, and I must say I was more than impressed. The whole cast was extremely talented in both singing and dancing and the costumes and backgrounds were elaborate and detailed, helping immerse oneself into the story. At one point, when

the first gunshot went off, the crowd flinched. The collective gasps that passed through the crowd when certain events unfolded or the laughs that rang out proved just how impressive they were.

This being the first performance in the brand-new Melissa Arts Center (MAC) was a treat, getting to see how much the theatre department earned and deserved this facility.

There were so many talented individuals throughout the whole production, both on and off the stage. One could easily tell how much heart went into this performance, and it showed in every aspect. All the members of the theatre program should be extremely proud of this production.

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