Blood drive saves 171 lives this fall

Miranda Sirota, Editor-in-Chief

On Oct. 6, Student Council (STUCO) hosted its annual fall Red Cross Blood Drive.

A total of 56 people donated, 31 of which were first time donors. This resulted in the collection of 57 pints of blood, which is enough to save 171 lives.

“I think the importance of donating blood is the lives that it can save,” STUCO sponsor Amy Tyner said. “I also think that it’s important as a teeneager to realize that you’re giving something back. We can save lives even as teenagers. It gives us all some empowerment.”

If students or faculty members are interested in participating in the next blood drive, it is scheduled this spring for April 13, 2022. Visit to learn more about the eligibility requirements and registration process in order to qualify for donating.